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© Sean TyasIt's been over two years since Sean Tyas stepped behind the decks at the legendary Technoclub hosted by Talla 2XLC. Next month he will make his return as Tall host another edition of one of Germany's most iconic club nights in Frankfurt...

New York native, Switzerland based DJ/Producer Sean Tyas is something of a leading light in European trance. Currently ranked #46 in DJ Magazine"s Top 100 DJ Poll 2009, he was also earmarked by BBC Radio 1"s Pete Tong as a "buzzword in trance circles" head of his debut Essential Mix for the station back in February 2009 and hooked by industry power house Beatport has a "One to watch in 2009", leaving little surprise that 2009 went down as undoubtedly his biggest period to date.

Having cut out his niche in the highly competitive production arena to create countless hit tracks, remixes and bootlegs, Sean brings to the dancefloor a mix of melodic harmony, driving groove and cutting edge production techniques.
The distinctive Sean Tyas sound has captured the imagination of the trance community with the highest echelons of the trance elite such as Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Judge Jules, Ferry Corsten, Sander van Doorn and Above & Beyond amongst the heavyweight playlist support. Sean also has legions of fans at grass roots level, from message boards, budding DJs and radio listeners, a fact proven by his meteoric rise up the ranks of popular polls such as the DJ Magazine Top 100 and TranceAddict.com, as well as being awarded 'Best New Face' winner at the recent Trance Awards as well as #3 Best Remixer and #5 Best Producer, with Mixmag also awarding him #8 in their 'Best New DJs' at the end of 2007.

It was in 2006 that Sean Tyas first started to make waves in the trance scene, winning the much hyped Spinnin' Records remix competition for his rework of Sander van Doorn 'Punk'd', and next signed to the Discover label. His first solo release for the label didn't disappoint either, with the energetic and euphoric 'Lift' being one of the biggest releases of 2006 and awarded Single Of The Week on Armin's A State Of Trance show as well as getting signed onto countless best selling compilations. Many big name remixes followed for Sean Tyas, with the magic touch added to tracks from Bobina, Agnelli & Nelson, Vincent de Moor and Above & Beyond amongst others in the past 12 months.

Undeniably a genius behind the controls in a studio, Sean Tyas has also translated his technical talents and popular sounds into one of the most in demand DJ sets in trance today. Demand for Sean Tyas the DJ has soared on the back of both his production success and show stopping performances.

A little history for you there of how Sean Tyas got to where he is today in the world of electronic dance music. He still pushes out the high tempo trance that made his reputation in his early years. Now then, the Technoclub is always happy to have him behind the decks with Talla 2XLC and on the 7th September he will be back again. We went to have a chat with Sean about the upcoming gig and what he’s been up to recently.

i:Vibes: Sean thanks for talking to i:Vibes again. The summer is slowly winding down. How have you experienced the summer of 2013 and what was your coolest thing you did in and out of the studio?

Sean: I have to say my highlight was last weekend playing over at the Street Parade here, but also just the entire day there. We had literally PERFECT weather and it really brought up the vibe 10x. It also made me really miss the Loveparade, and I can only hope in the future there may be a chance it returns to Berlin. As far as in the studio goes, it's been a heavy summer for me, because since changing my TYtanium Sessions show to a 2 hour monthly format, I have so much more time each month and week to concentrate back on productions. As such, I have started a ton of projects, both vocal and instrumental, and feel like I did 4 years back before taking on the weekly show. Music production has taken on a new meaning to me.

i:Vibes: It will have been 2.5 years since your last visit in the Technoclub when you renter in September for the release party of Techno Club Volume 43. You also will be playing in the new location at MTW which lies next to the Main River near downtown. How excited are you to be returning back to the best trance party in Germany?

Sean: I love Technoclub and I have been lucky enough to play it already twice. Talla has become a good friend and the community there are religious trance fans that are just super enthusiastic.

i:Vibes: This will be your third visit to the Technoclub. What kind of set can we await from you and will their be any surprises like maybe the superb remix by Darren Porter of your classic track Lift?

Sean: I'll be packing new gems and classics alike for that one. It isn’t everyday that an artist gets the chance to mix a technoclub compilation.

i:Vibes: Polish trance meister Indecent Noise gets the honour. How have you followed his music career in the last years and what do you respect about his music most?

Sean: He keeps at it after all these years. He is very dedicated too. Good to have him on board for the night!

i:Vibes: What will be the first thing that you will ask Talla 2XLC when you see him again? Could it possibly be congratulations on his three tracks that Armin played at ASOT recently?

Sean: We always just catch up with what’s going on in our lives, in the studio and out.

i:Vibes: You said in the last interview that you might be doing something with Talla again? Any future plans with Talla 2XLC?

Sean: We both lead super busy studio schedules so we have had a difficult time getting the "moons to align". Hopefully soon!

i:Vibes: You made two brilliant tracks with David Berkeley Believe and Take my hand. I thought that your music and his voice worked perfectly. How difficult is finding that perfect voice? You have been more an artist that concentrated more on instrumental tracks in the past?

Sean: It's not so hard, we have lots of tools today to help us anyway, but maybe it IS difficult to find the perfect vocal "texture". David's is just amazing.

i:Vibes: You have been known as being an artist that has that straight forward banging sound massive bassline incorporated with nice melodies. How proud are you that you have been able to establish that sound that nobody else can claim is theirs?

Sean: I don't know, I don't think I claim it as my own. My own sound is in huge part due to my influence from Paul van Dyk.

i:Vibes: In the last two-three years, you have experimented with proggy sounds and using singers. How important ha sit been going in a new direction and how has the feedback been world wide?

Sean: expected it would be mixed, and it has. People want me to make only 140 bpm trance for the rest of my life, and though I love it, I need to make other things to keep the 140 interesting as well. When you expand you also expand your techniques, and with learning new techniques from the more progressive styles you can apply them in 140 and really improve the sound.

i:Vibes: The world is a masterpiece and had to think about Paul van Dyk because you used Lo-Fi Sugar who also worked with the German on In Between in 2007. What was most difficult in getting this track perfect in your ear?

Sean: I wanted it to flow smooth but still bang on the dancefloor. Pluck melodies are usually of course, historically, my chosen melodic weapon and this was a great example of my real passion.

i:Vibes: After producing mainly instrumental tracks, you made more vocal tracks recently. What in your experience in this time has been most difficult in getting vocal tracks to stand out from just average vocal tracks?

Sean: Hopefully the vocalist can do that on her/his own…. It is really important they bring something to the table that the producer can not do with software or hardware.

i:Vibes: On Diamondback with Naes one clearly hears the proggy sound. However I heard that you will be returning back to the old Sean Tyas sound soon. What production surprises can we await from you in the future?

Sean: Lots of cool new elements that I cant wait to get into my productions to bring them to the next level!

i:Vibes: You produced Acrabaleno with Vandit hero Giuseppe Ottaviani last year. What do you respect most from the Italian as a producer?

Sean: He really has that classic sound that also makes his sound very defined. I think Giuseppe is not only a super amazing friendly person; melodically he is probably the best in the business for trance music.

i:Vibes: Leveled was about as experimental as you could ever get? What current proggy trance producer did you get some inspiration when you delved into this sound?

Sean: I think I just wanted to try some fucking dirty song, but with melodic breaks I love NES sounds too so I got to use some of those.

i:Vibes: On Champagne Room it was New York meets New Jersey trance hero Tom Colontonio. Does the name of this track have a deeper meaning in this track?

Sean: Ha! Not really, I don’t spend any time in strip clubs, though I probably should.

i:Vibes: I think that NYPD is just an amazing track. Could a follow up track be called “Die Schwezier Polizei”?

Sean: Hahahah I think most English speakers that means DIE Police! (Sterben Polizei) Can't have that!

i:Vibes: With your release of Hydro, fans were chanting Sean Tyas is back. It seems really that you are destined to make this kind of music. You have been releasing music on a constant pace your whole career. Are there ever days where nothing pops into your head for ideas? What do you do to pass the time until those new banging ideas come?

Sean: I actually have been listening to a lot of chillout stuff, there are some great motivational sounds in there!

i:Vibes: You produced a massive tune with UK producer Greg Downey Dark before the dawn. Did you know this was an anthem like track when you finished it?

Sean: Nope, we just tried making a track where we agreed, ok, there are no rules for this… So that was the result.

i:Vibes: You made a brilliant remix for Darren Porter for Neptunes siren and he did an amazing remix for your track the world. He sees you as a mentor in his producing. How did you guys meet and how important are you for each other in and out of the studio?

Sean: I have known Darren through soundcloud and email submissions for years, but the last 2 years for him have seen such an amazing growth in his ability and we also speak almost daily now.

i:Vibes: The career of Darren porter is really taking off. How much potential does he have and is the sky the limit for him as a producer?

Sean: The sky is the limit for sure. He's got a great head on his shoulders and knows what he wants to achieve.

i:Vibes: When you were in Australia you visited the Melbourne zoo. If you had to pick an animal that reminds you of yourself, which animal would you choose?

Sean: Kangaroos! I'm really jumpy and energetic!

:: You can see Sean live @ The Technolcub on the 7th September in Franfurt, Germany!


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