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© GenixWe managed to catch up with former king of the emporium who held the Guinness book of records for the longest DJ set in history Genix for his thoughts on life after Passion, his musical inspirations and what 2014 has in store...

It’s been a very emotional year for Genix as earlier in the year he closed the doors of the emporium in Coalville, Leicester for the very last Passion on January 25th. It’s been a long standing night for 14 years and one Genix took over as his own a few years ago and hosted nights that will live on in clubbers memories for ever. All good things, as they say, must come to and end but where there are endings there are also beginnings. Things could not be looking up more for Genix at the moment as he builds on his already very polished producer archive with fresh beats on the way for this year.

His name is no stranger to labels like Vandit, Reset and Anjunabeats. While the passion club brand is no more, the passion within Genix is as strong as ever. Having had a good time over in Miani this year for the annual winter music conference we managed to get a chat now he’s fully recovered.

i:Vibes: Damion, thanks for talking to i:Vibes.nu. You recently were in Miami at the winter music conference. What kind of musical influences you able to gather there and what artist really flashed you there as an act that could really make an impact in the scene?

Genix: Well I'm always influenced by listening to music where ever it is. So Miami was no different I got to listen to a few DJ sets from the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Ilan Bluestone, Norin & Rad etc. I am always influenced by absorbing sounds that I like.

i:Vibes: You didn’t make a name for yourself first with production, but as by achieving a Guinness World Record for the longest DJ set in history with a massive 84 hour DJ set. When fatigue was at its worst, what was most in your thoughts while playing music?

Genix: No I was producing before I did that Guinness world record; I did that to raise money for charity. Yeah that took some doing though. It was horrible especially the last day I didn’t know where I was. I was hallucinating and didn’t know where I was. I even tried to put a vinyl into a CDJ haha! Just show that lack of sleep can mess with you!. Something I won’t be doing again.

i:Vibes: You list as your influences Judge Jules, JFK, Armin Van Buuren, and Sander Van Doorn. How did Judge Jules influence you most?

Genix: Judge Jules is a legend. He’s been around for a long time and in my opinion was one of the elite attractions to the magical island of Ibiza among other places. He also mixed an album that was an inspiration to me becoming a producer. Ministry of sound ‘Clubbers Guide to 99’. Damn, have you heard the new ones Clubbers guide albums? They are utter shit!

i:Vibes: You came on the scene in 2004 at a time where trance was growing all around the globe. What was the defining moment where you got infected by EDM?

Genix: Well first of all you have to be careful when you use the world EDM. It of coarse stands for Electronic Dance Music but some people are using that term as a genre. That horrible crappy house sound that sounds like slowed down hard style. I fell in love with it in the late 90’s of course a huge era!

i:Vibes: How important was your remix for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers for getting your name through the door in the scene?

Genix: I don’t think it got me through the door as I was already releasing tracks on big labels, however it got me noticed more in the mainstream as it got a lot of commercial radio play.

i:Vibes: In 2008, you really started to make a name for yourself a producer and remixer and it has grown until today. What do you think is the secret behind your so versatile sound that makes you so loved all around the globe?

Genix: I was having this conversation the other day and the answer is quite simple. Be yourself and make music that you like, don’t try and copy anyone. You need to be unique as an artist to have your own sound.

i:Vibes: When you look back to your track Halo that you produced with Outbound in 2005, how has your sound developed since then and is your sound at a point now that you had envisioned going in?

Genix: Well it’s certainly a lot more techy and aggressive now. However the melodies are still kind of similar. I love nice uplifting sounds with some filth thrown in there too.

i:Vibes: I have very fond memories of Helion which you did with very talented Anjunabeats hero Mike Koglin. When you look back at this track what was the most difficult thing that you had to get perfect to make the song just right?

Genix: Well we originally did the collaboration at Mikes studio in London and the track we made was completely different to the one that was released. I reworked the chords at my place and we passed the project back and forth to get it completed.

i:Vibes: Your tracks are so diverse and always the most unique sound scope. Do you have a certain formula when you sit down in the studio or how more or is a Genix track made from start to end?

Genix: Well I always start with a groove and some beats that I like. I don’t try to be diverse at all it’s just what I like! A lot of music is too generic and sticks by the rules and I find that a tad boring sometimes. I like to experiment more I guess!

i:Vibes: You released the fantastic ‘All good things EP’ on Vandit this year. On this EP you really have one track better than the next as one is craving for more and more Genix. Were these three tracks already made in the past or did you pretty much sit in the studio and produce the tracks one after the other?

Genix: Those three tracks were made over the last year so I decided to bundle them as an EP, each one is very different of course! I have a lot more on the way yeah, watch this space!

i:Vibes: What musically was your inspiration behind all good things track? It is really a beautiful piece of music and one gets the feeling that you were in some place in mind and musically when making this?

Genix: I didn’t really have an inspiration for that track; I’m just a sucker for piano and nice chords. I love putting them in my music and I made a funky lead to go with it too.

i:Vibes: One of my current favourite songs is tryfan. Does the title have any special meaning to you and how important is having a beautiful melodic part in your music like you have in tryfan?

Genix: As I’ve just mentioned I love beautiful & nice sounds. I always try to add that to my productions along with some cool beats. Tryfan is actually named after a mountain in Wales!!! Hiking is a studio escape for me that I enjoy!

i:Vibes: You recently collaborated with new Vandit artist Las Salinas. What musically impressed you most about this up and coming duo?

Genix: Yeah I did indeed! A lot impresses me with these guys to be honest. There productions are tight and I love them personally. They are in a similar style to myself I think that’s why I thought it would be great to work with them. We are also planning a new track together for their new artist album.

i:Vibes: What productions can we await from you in the next months?

Genix: Lots, some remixes & Originals on Anjunabeats and Vandit.

i:Vibes: In Miami you played with the Vandit Allstars. When you watch the amazing back to back playing of an Alex Morph or Woody Van Eyden, are you able to learn something new? What besides their unending energy impressed you most?

Genix: Well I love those guys, great characters and anyone in the music industry will agree on that! They are both great behind the decks.

i:Vibes: As a DJ you have played all over the globe. If you could choose one place where you have never been to and would like to play where would the journey take you to and why?

Genix: Australia! Because I’ve never been there!

i:Vibes: A few months ago you played an amazing classic set at Passion at the Emporium. If you could pick one track from the 39 you played in the challenging two hour set what gave you the most goose bumps?

Genix: Easy, Lange – Follow Me, It brought tears to my eyes it was a special moment in my life.

i:Vibes: You have your own record label Trance Revolution Recordings. What is your goal behind the label and where do you see it headed in the future?

Genix: I don’t run that label anymore. Not for about 7 years. We released some really cool tracks on there too!

i:Vibes: What artists from Germany do you respect and with what artist would you like to be locked in the studio for 24 hours?

Genix: PvD is the obvious shout, but I would say Stoneface & Terminal. There production quality is ridiculous o I think I could learn a thing or two from them!

i:Vibes: When will we see you in the Technoclub in Frankfurt, Germany. The longest trance night in Germany since 1984 run by Talla 2XLC? Would you like to play more in Germany?

Genix: I’ve never played in Germany… I would LOVE to play at Technoclub!

i:Vibes: In a recent episode of PVD TV, Paul van Dyk is in Dubai and jumping out of a plane. During the episode, your track tryfan is the soundtrack. If PVD asked you to do a jumping duet with him would you agree?

Genix: Hahah!!!! Yeah of course!! Now that would be cool!

i:Vibes: What are your all-time favourite tracks?

Genix: Hmmmm. Very, very tough! Sasha & Emerson – Schorchio would definitely be in there!



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